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A well designed brochure is the one of the best ways to introduce your company to your potential customers. An informative brochure can show off your business's new product, service, or change within the company. A brochure designed with advertising in mind will be a visually stunning promotion of your product, or perhaps a special or deal your company is offering.
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Key Elements of a Brochure

Attract attention with the cover.

Your cover should catch your potential customer's eye with an uncluttered, unique design. Select a phrase to encourage your reader to learn more, introduce your company's logo, and tie it all together with a meaningful graphic or photo.

Retain attention with compelling text.

Once you've drawn them in with the information on the cover, make sure to keep their curiosity piqued by interacting with your customer through your brochure. Ask a question, then answer it within. Drawn them in for more information. Keep them reading.

Set the right mood with your color pallete.

A careful color selection can truly define the mood and feel of your business's attitude. A fun and whimsical business may utilize bright colors, a technological business may utilize cool blues, and more serious businesses might utilize neutral tones.

Use white space strategically.

Planning out blank, empty spaces in your brochure will help keep your information from looking cluttered or overdone. It can also be used to frame important images or information with no other visual cues.

Organize with framing.

Framing and separating information in boxes is another means of drawing attention to key information or graphics. Use these sparingly, or you will overwhelm your potential customer with visual cues.

Bring your text to life with photographs.

Pictures are a great way to communicate your business's message without using text. Use between 2-4 images in your brochure, or you will risk overwhelming your reader. Well placed images can enhance the tone and attitude you are presenting.

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