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Any time, effort, or energy that you spend, either online or offline, towards helping your business move towards it's goals, long-term or short, are part of your business's Marketing Strategy.
How far into the future have you planned?
The ultimate goal of any Marketing Strategy is to help you grow your business and increase your brand visibility. Your Marketing Strategy is an explanation of the goals you need to achieve with your Marketing Plan. Serving as a sort of road map for your Marketing Plan, your marketing strategy should lay out the plans for the types and timings of marketing activities your business can engage in.
A Marketing Strategy consists of several important, high-level elements. It should identify what it is your business needs to do to identify where you stand in relation to your competitors in your market, how best to advertise to your target market, an analysis of your current and future financial situation, and how best to present yourself to your customers and competition. Your Marketing Plan, drawn from the information in your Strategy, should detail how your business will take steps to achieving the goals set out in the Strategy.

So, what makes a good Marketing Strategy? Essentially, your Strategy should help you understand how your business is viewed by your potential customers and competitors.

To begin planning your Marketing Strategy, here are a few of the questions you should ask yourself.
Unique Advantages What do you, as a business, offer that no one else does? What attitudes and strategies do you have that set you apart? What is the purpose of your business?

Target AudienceWhat age group shows the most interest in your service or product? What platform do your customers visit most? What is the best way to get information to your potential customers?
Brand AwarenessWhat are your potential customers and competitors saying about your business? Does your presence extend beyond the reach of the Internet? Are your methods of advertising reaching as many eyes as possible?
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