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Online Reputation Management is the process being aware of and controlling what shows up when someone looks you up online. Make sure your business trends at the top of Google for the right reasons.
Long before Google and social media brought everything online, businesses grew and expanded based on their reputation and how the market perceived their brand. Since there were no search engines or social media, public relations activities were the most common methods to spread information about your business, and was limited to conventional print, events, and networking campaigns.
Online Reputation Management (ORM) is the modern style of public relations in the age of the internet. The Internet has been invaluable in opening up the stage for consumers to get in their two cents about any business or organization, in the form of blogs or review sites. Where once journalists and PR specialists were the trusted voices, now there are platforms like Twitter - where users on average have around 200 followers - where everyone is able to take a platform regardless of qualifications.
Just a few years ago, much of our days were lost to memory unless you took the time to document it with pictures or journaling. Now, all of those misspelled tweets, Facebook rants from a bad day, or unflattering photos are on display and available through search - unless you know how to clean up and protect your social media and online interactions.

Done correctly, online reputation management can result in higher amounts of positive content found by Search Engine Results Pages, which can naturally boost your business's rankings on Google.
Many people today research the brands, services, or products they are thinking of using online before they decide to make a purchase. With positive results in search engines, you begin the process of building trust and credibility for your brand from step one. Your potential customers will seek the insight of past clients, who are likeliest to post about their experiences if they are either extraordinarily good, or horrifically bad. Managing your online reputation early increases the chances that your potential customers will be pleased enough with the information they have gathered to make the final purchase decision.

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Managing your reputation online is just one of many facets of running a business, but it is an important one. An effective ORM strategy can provide you with new insights and opportunities to increase your business's visibility. If you need assistance with understanding where you business stands, or with wrangling some persistent negativity online, get in touch with us today to set up a consultation where we will meet with you and go over your business's strengths and weaknesses.
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