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One of the simplest forms of an informational handout, business cards are a great way to leave somebody with a good impressions of your business after forming a connection.
Business cards have been used as a form of introduction and identification for hundreds of years. Though it has evolved much since it's first use, a business card has always been regarded as an extension of the distributor. The general rule of thumb is that the card should be presented in the condition in which the owner would appear for a high level business meeting — immaculate and professional behaving according to the manners of the host.

Used by those of nobility and regality in the 17th century, handing out cards became a fashionable trend as well as a polite way to request a meeting with the host of a house. The rise of the industrial era and the printing industry saw a huge increase in the use of business cards as they became more accessible and customizable to print. Today, modern business cards are often used to convey the name of the card holder, their title and affiliated company, and relevant contact information.

Although most business conducted today begins online, the business card is a historical form of greeting that will not die out any time soon. Today, business cards are one of the easiest ways to form connections and network with other businesses. Sending contact information via text or email feels so impersonal, and is just not as effective as an in-person meeting sealed with a handshake. When you meet with a possible client, make sure you send them away with a great first impression.

If you need to design business cards, or think the design you have now may need some work, contact us today. We will help you craft a design that reflects your company's values and helps your customers remember you.

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