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Your business's identity is visually expressed through its logo, which is often used as an introduction to your customers as a brand. Make sure the first impressions you give speak to your business's abilities and professionalism.

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Logos, as they exist today, are intelligent graphic images that are designed to impart their concepts, both consciously and sub-consciously, for recognition by a specific target audience. Logos have been used for more than a millennia to denote things such as origin or quality of a product. Even before global marketing campaigns, television commercials, and social media, a company’s logo has always been of great importance.
The move of information from the printed page to other media has changed the nature of graphic identity. In the age of the internet, logos appear everywhere. Paper ads, billboards, business cards, storefronts, websites, apps, online advertisements, and bills all usually tote a business's logo. It is interesting to note that, as the complexity of the global market has grown over the centuries, graphic and logo designs has shifted towards simpler designs, carefully crafted to convey a specific message.

In order to create a design that effectively communicates your business's purpose and attitude, we meet with our customers to discuss the aspects of their business, such as their target audience, their intended audience, and their previous color schemes or design ideas. Some of the most memorable big-name brands have logos that tell of the company's purpose or history. Take Apple, for instance - the fruit is missing a "byte". Wikipedia uses an unfinished globe of puzzle pieces covered with glyphs from different writing systems. Both logos are simple, but have an added twist that circles back to brand ideology.

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Beyond the Typeface

Your color palette sets the tone of your logo. Choose the colors that will highlight your business's strengths and attract the right customers with the psychology of color.
Red: energetic, warm, bold, passionate
Orange: creative, excited, balak
Yellow: sunny, inventive, optimistic, cheerful
Green: growth, stability, good luck
Blue: professional, calm, trustworthy
Purple: spiritual, wise, successful
Pink: fun and flirty
Brown: rural, historical, steady
Black: credible, powerful, modern
White: simple, clean, pure

Color Schemes

4 Main Types of Logos

Lettermark Logos

Exclusively typographic, lettermarks are used as a symbol to represent the business through the use of initials or acronyms.

Workmark Logos

A uniquely styled logo made out of text that spells out the business name.

Combination Mark Logos

Logos that combine a wordmark and a symbol or icon gain the flexibility to use one element or the other across a variety of applications.

Emblem Mark Logos

An emblem logo encases the company name within the design.

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