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You own your website. We would never claim ownership of another company's website (except under very unusual circumstances and with the owner's or beneficiary's explicit written consent).
Your business has legal rights to its business domain(s). Control and management of the domain is determined based on who has the login access and is paying for the domain itself. 90% of our customers allow us to manage their domain. We will transfer control at any time upon request. If you would rather purchase and maintain the domain yourself, we can assist by creating an account in your name or you can go to a site such as GoDaddy or Bluehost and create the account yourself by purchasing the domain. You would either need to point the domain name servers to our host or grant us admin access to point it for you.
If you are contracting design and development of your site through us, the domain name and website hosting for the first year is included in the initial development fee. If you only need a domain name, please contact us for our current price list.
We use WordPress as the foundation for your site and various design programs to customize the site. If you have used WordPress in the past you should be comfortable logging in and updating your text, photos, and/or blog. We offer training sessions to teach you how to update your site.
The initial design and development investment includes a domain name and hosting for the first year if we purchase and/or host the domain for you. After the first year, there is a fee unless you are on our monthly care and maintenance contract plan then domain name and website hosting is included as long as you are on the plan.
It does not include ongoing maintenance. It includes updates and requests included in the initial development quote. We have two options for ongoing maintenance. A simple on request hourly fee billed in quarter-hour increments or most of our customers take advantage of our Care and Maintenance Plan (CMP) which reduces the hourly fee by up to 35%. Please contact us for our current rates.
We are a team of managers, designers, and developers. Your site will be assigned to the developer with the most experience designing the type of site you need.
We do not use templates designed by others. If you find a template or already use a template that you like we can either transfer it or most likely we will redesign it from scratch to aid in future updates.
Yes, adding a blog in the future can be done. We utilize WordPress which makes blogging easy and allows you to have your own login and password should you decide to update the site and/or blog yourself.
There is not a monthly charge. When you need updates you can either do it yourself (you have a login and password) or hire us by the hour. We have two options for website updates. An on-request hourly fee billed in quarter-hour increments or get up to 35% off our hourly rates by signing up for our Care and Maintenance Plan (CMP). Please contact us for our current rates.
Priority technical support, bug fixes, phone/email based help, email management, WordPress and plugin updates, code updates, security checks / patches, backups, and access to our other services at discounted rates. Read More..

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